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★ yuu-lin’s commissions 

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all commissions are fully coloured.

Waist-up! ★£18 ($30) - - examples:    

To order:

  • E-mail to with details of your desired commission piece!
  • I will then ask you to pay my Paypal email. (private)

IMPORANT: When paying through Paypal please make sure to send it to “Friends and Family” thus avoiding unnecessary paypal fees! 

I am willing to draw:

  • ▲ Humans
  •  Fanart
  •  OCs

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Hi guys!! Just updating my commission information, as I will only be doing waist-up right now and had to change the prices a little bit, hope they are not unreasonable! I usually take a week or less to finish a commission (unless unable to) and takews me about 3-5 hours each time. 

Even if you can’t order please spread the word around! I’m really in need to extra cash right now as I’m graduating soon and have no job guarantee.

Thank you for reading!!!

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Yeah… I’m doing one of those fundraiser things. Sorry.  I currently live and work in Japan teaching English as a conversational subject. My mother was recently diagnosed with a progressive form of MS (m
ultiple sclerosis). My contract doesn’t end until August 2015, and financial reasons do not permit me to void my work contact. So, unfortunately I can’t live close to her during this difficult time. I would like to pay her a visit this summer. My parents were originally going to take care of the plane ticket but I some things came up and I think the medical bills have been a bit overwhelming (my brother broke his wrist at around the same time). I want to see if I can surprise her and make it a special visit for her. I’m offering commissions to help with the fundraising… Sorry the prices are high but it takes me a very long time to draw.;;;